About Gozo

As a small island, Gozo is a fascinating collection of so many things at once. Ancient and historic, serene and peaceful, colourful and joyful, Gozo is the island that always offers more. From the minute you set foot on the island you will be hooked on exploring its nooks and crannies, the various villages, the winding lanes along sheer cliffs and along rugged coves and sandy shores.  The megalitihic temple of Ggantija, a UNESCO world heritage site maybe one of the most famous spots to visit.  However, one cannot side-line the grandeur of the medieval Citadel, the bastioned city in the Victoria and the string of churches and chapels.  To this one has to add the numerous museums that are located in Gozo.  Beyond the historic value of these and other landmarks, Gozo provides an atmosphere that still echoes tradition and folklore.
The summer season is lit up with the colour of the feasts that are celebrated in every village in Gozo.  Band marches, fireworks, festivals and joyous festivities ensure a steady stream of events over the summer holidays.  When it comes to nature, Gozo is a photographer’s paradise. The landscape and seascape often engulfed in the bright sunlight are magnificent. The countryside and the beaches are resplendent in bright colours under a clear blue sky and beckon travellers to visit again!  Make sure you have your camera handy at all times and there’s no doubt that you’ll return home with lots of lovely memories and beautiful shots that capture the essence of the island.  In Gozo you can fall in love with many things – the views, the landmarks, the history, the people, the food … but if you love sports you will fall in love with the activities that this island offers!